A Blissymbolics word-processor
created by intelliWARE

In 2011, last year at Computer Science University of Ferrara, I undertook a four-months traineeship at intelliWare, the developer of "MisterBliss", an intuitive interface for writing in Blissymbolics language.

Blissymbolics is a set of symbols invented by austrian Charles K. Bliss (1897-1985). His ambition was to provide the world with a universal system to communicate beyond linguistic barriers. The symbols are little pictograms or ideograms very easy to learn and to combine to create additional meanings.

During the traineeship I implemented the following features:

All these points are part of my Degree Thesis called "Implementazione di nuove funzionalità per MisterBliss, un software per la Comunicazione Aumentativa Alternativa in linguaggio Bliss" ("Implementing new features for MisterBliss, a Blissymbolics Alternative Augmentative Communication software").

You can download the PDF version of my presentation, you can also contact me if you are interested in reading the entire thesis (in Italian language).